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Everett, WA & Puget Sound Karaoke Singing Guide

Informative, entertaining and fun Karaoke site. Links to KJ sites, and other music related sites as well as ecard sites.

Category: Karaoke
The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials

A highly technical paper on the archival maintenance of music recordings. Expanded version of an article initially prepared for the National Library of Canada.

Category: Collecting
Record Universe

Resources for music collectors: record price guide, articles, shows/conventions, and a large lexicon of music collecting lingo complete with images and sound clips.

Category: Collecting
Surround Sound Discography

Listings of surround sound recordings in many recording formats and several encoding systems (Ambisonic, Quadrophonic, Dolby Surround, etc.).

Category: Collecting
ARSC: Association for Recorded Sound Collections

A non-profit association of those interested in the history and technology of recorded sound.

Category: Collecting > Organizations
Dawn of Sound

Information about vintage recordings and reissues of vintage recordings. New RealAudio selections every month.

Category: Collecting > Vintage_Recordings
Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders

Antique phonographs, early sound recording methods, wax cylinder records, excerpts of old-time marching band music, and much of interest to collectors of vintage records.

Category: Collecting > Vintage_Recordings
Helmut Weber's Gramophone Hobby Page

Includes sound clips from some historical recordings, and a guide to dating 78rpm records.

Category: Collecting > Vintage_Recordings
Nipperhead Antique Phonograph

Information pertaining to antique phonographs, gramophones, records, Victor, Edison, Columbia, and of course, Nipper. Contains cylinder and disc sound recordings, a phonograph gallery, repair instructions, and resource listings.

Category: Collecting > Vintage_Recordings
The Virtual Gramophone

A multimedia Web site devoted to the first half-century of recorded sound in Canada. When complete, it will provide a comprehensive look at the 78-rpm era. A project of the National Library of Canada.

Category: Collecting > Vintage_Recordings

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