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Bobby & Collins Limp Bizkit Site

This site has links , lyrics, tabs for all songs on both albums, bass tabs for every song, MP3's, bio, discography, family values stuff, and pictures.

Category: Artists > L > Limp Bizkit > Fan_Pages
Hornbuckle Records

Cassette-based label out of Atlanta whose main focus is 4-track and home-recorded music. Song files available.

Category: Industry > Labels > H
The Caren Armstrong Home on the Web

Singer-Songwriter Caren Amrstong's work features her clear, powerful vocal stylings and her deeply personal yet incisive, socially conscious lyrics. Caren's Web page contains Real Audio files, song lyrics, tour dates, biographical info, fan reviews, a fan

Category: Artists > A
Campfire Song Book

Indexed by style. From the South African Scout Association.

Category: Lyrics > Campfire_Songs
Christmas Carols Lyrics Page

From Adeste Fideles and the Chipmunk Song to Feliz Navidad and Winter Wonderland.

Category: Lyrics > Christmas_Carols
British Song

Provides a database including composer, title, poet, voice, instrument, and more.

Category: Lyrics > Countries_and_Cultures
Middle Eastern Music: Translated Song Lyrics

Offers English translations of Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Greek, and Hebrew songs.

Category: Lyrics > Countries_and_Cultures
Country Song Generator

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators
Country Western Song Machine

Generates random lyrics in the style of a country western song.

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators
Leon's Random Song Lyrics

Just hit reload for a new song every time.

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators

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