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MPRC: The Music Performance Research Centre

Contains archive recordings of live performances, interviews both audio and video, from the 1930s to the present day, available at the Barbican Centre, London, or elsewhere by arrangement. The MPRC was set up to preserve sound documents of public performa

Category: History > Classical
MP3 Box

Big ftp mp3-searchengine.

Category: Search-Engines > MP3-Files

Your lyrics search engine. Find more than 100,000 songs!

Category: Search-Engines > Lyrics
Parasol Records/Distribution

Huge midwest pop distro featuring Mud Records, Elephant 6 & many more, with a searchable catalog. Includes Real Audio. Their site features the record lables Parasol, Mud, Spur, and Hidden Agenda.

Category: Industry > Labels > P

A searchable guitar directory to find everything from tabs to lessons to retailers.It's like alittle yahoo for the guitar.

Category: Instruments > Guitar
Search for Truth

adventure through musical backmasking and subliminal messages, the question of whether the moon landing shots were faked, and more.

Category: Lyrics > Backward_Masking

Hip-hop community for webmasters. Join today and get free scripts and promotion. Top 50, banner rotation, chat and message forums, and search engine. Get your own e-mail address

Category: Genres > Hip Hop

Your MIDI-Search Engine. Search for 1000s of songs!

Category: Search-Engines > Midi-Files
Danman's Music Learning Library & Database

Large archive of lyrics served in a database format. Sheet music library too. Searchable. 50,000+ files

Category: Lyrics

Over 1500 wavs, some made by me, and available no where else! Easy to search, easy to download! Check it out!

Category: Downloads > WAV-Files

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