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Funk Links Central

An index of funk material available on the net. Includes artist pages, discographies, images, audio, interviews, etc.

Category: Genres > Funk
BG's Metalpage

Information about Manowar, Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Gamma Ray etc.

Category: Genres > Metal
BNR Metal Pages, The

Encyclopedia of info and opinions about over 350 metal bands ranging from the 70s to the 90s.

Category: Genres > Metal
Heavy Metal

Includes pages for Danzig, Metallica, Paradise Lost, Manowar Metal and more.

Category: Genres > Metal
Metal Scene

Heavy metal home page featuring promotion for unsigned bands, news, artwork, information, and links.

Category: Genres > Metal
Black Metal Page

Reviews of bands and a powerful resource for evil philosophy written by a metal DJ.

Category: Genres > Metal > Black_Metal
Marcus Karlssons Page Of Black Metal

Personal reviews of the best Black/Doom/Death metal albums by artists like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Marduk, Satyricon, MyDyingBride and Hypocrisy.

Category: Genres > Metal > Black_Metal
Svartur's Black Metal Page

For sites pertaining to vampires, occult, black/death/doom metal, dark poetry, etc.

Category: Genres > Metal > Black_Metal
Black Magic Death Metal

Links, WebRing, Band-Pages,...

Category: Genres > Metal > Death_Metal
Sacha's Death/Doom/Black Metal Page

From Spain. Check out cool links, band info, places to hang out and more.

Category: Genres > Metal > Death_Metal

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