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Sacha's Death/Doom/Black Metal Page

From Spain. Check out cool links, band info, places to hang out and more.

Category: Genres > Metal > Death_Metal
Foxybabe Productionz

Listen to some of the newest music on the net Rock,Metal,Alternative,Hip Hop,And R&B . Over 70 Full Albums.New punk/ska!! mp3s,charts,games,movies,toons,Stop by and enjoy you wont be dissappointed ;)

Category: Downloads > RealAudio-Files
Mystic Circle

The official HomePage of Mystic Circle - Great German Black Metal Band.

Category: Artists > M
Christian Metal Band or Star Trek Episode?

Category: Humor

Lots of metal-specific tabs.

Category: Songtabs
The #Doom-metal mailinglist

Discussion about doom metal in general and the #doom-metal IRC channel on Undernet.

Category: Music-Online > Mailing-Lists
Lady Evil's Womb of Doom

Lady Evil describes her favorite doom metal bands for your pain or pleasure, whichever you prefer.

Category: Genres > Metal > Doom_Metal
Peaceville Records

UK underground label featuring metal bands such as My Dying Bride, Opeth and Katatonia.

Category: Industry > Labels > P
The #Doom-metal Homepage

This page is about the Undernet Irc channel #Doom-metal. It also contains information about the #Doom-Metal mailinglist.

Category: Genres > Metal > Doom_Metal
The Doom-metal Netguide

An introduction to doom metal, an extensive listing of doom metal bands, reviews, etc.

Category: Genres > Metal > Doom_Metal

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