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Jan's Lyrics

Jan's Lyrics site contains lyrics to popular music songs from artists in a wide variety of styles, including pop, (hard)rock, alternative music and heavy metal.

Category: Lyrics
Welcome To: DEAD ON ARRIVAL (D.O.A.)

DEAD ON ARRIVAL (D.O.A.) Hard Rock/Metal, [Recording Artist] Styles: Alternative, Modern, Pop, Psychedelic, Acid, Instrumental, Jam, Songs and Music. Rick Ferrusi (Founding member/Drummer)

Category: Artists > D

Information about the gothic-metal band JABBA.

Category: Artists > J
Near Dark

Information about the german gothic-metal band.

Category: Artists > N
Carpathian Forest

Unofficial page of the true underground Black Metal band from Norway. Very influenced by acts such as Celtic Frost, they still have Nordic touch in their music.

Category: Artists > C
Marduk - Fast Melodic Black Metal

Some reviews.

Category: Artists > M
Marduk - Black Metal

Bio, photos, news, albums, etc.

Category: Artists > M
MarduK - Swedish Black Fucking Metal

Photos, info, music, links.

Category: Artists > M
The Dominions of Satyricon

A tribute to the norwegian masters of black metal - Satyricon

Category: Artists > S
Aphelion Records

Only the darkest metal... since 1998

Category: Industry > Labels > A

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