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> Reviews > Metal The meeting place on the net for Doom metal fans

The meeting place on the net for all doom-metal fans and fans of dark music.

Category: Genres > Metal > Doom_Metal
HNB Metal Top Sites

Category: Music-Online > Topsite-Rankings > Metal
Heavy-metal heaven: Lyrics and discography

Lyrics and covers by lots of metal bands like; Blind Guardian, Helloween, Rhapsody, Edguy, Straovarius, Hammerfall and more...

Category: Lyrics
PLAGUE: Metal for the Disillusioned.

Broken is the man whom loves all, beleives all and accepts all.

Category: Artists > P

NO POSER METAL!!! There is at least one band on my site that you haven't heard of. ",, 5028,"The Wu Chambers

Category: Genres > Metal
Psycho Rocker Heavy Metal MP3 and Postcards

Heavy Metal MP3 Free for You to download featuring 80's amateur metal bands Dymondbak, Majestic Reign and More. Send A Heavy Metal PostCard, Download Free wallpaper and screensavers. Browse our Links.

Category: Genres > Metal > 80s_Metal
Agathodaimon Website (official)

Official Website of Agathodaimon, Germany's finest Black/Dark Metal band. Lots of info, free MP3, downloads, special pages, exclusive contents...

Category: Artists > A
13 Steps To Nowhere

Pantera and all their trendkilling, death, thrashing, pure heavy metal glory!

Category: Artists > P
Metal Station

Hey all of you Metallica/Pantera/Slayer/Slipknot fans this is the site for you. We have tabs, pics, chat, ect...

Category: Genres > Metal
Imperium Records

hard core , death metal pagan viking rac oi haterock nazi rock

Category: Industry > Labels > I

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