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Metal Music Promotions Top 50

Category: Music-Online > Topsite-Rankings > Metal
BludGawd's Extreme Metal Resource

Online resource w/ reviews, interviews, mp3's... and then some....

Category: Genres > Metal > Death_Metal
Metalview's Top 100 Metal Sites

Category: Music-Online > Topsite-Rankings > Metal
Dark Lyrics

Black Metal lyrics.

Category: Lyrics
Death Metal Central

Category: Music-Online > Topsite-Rankings > Metal
Mindview: The Belgium Hardrock and Heavy Metal Magazine

Mindview magazine is a metal magazine from belgium with lots of information on all forms of metal

Category: News and Media > Magazines
Justin's Heavy Metal Website

Death, Black, Power, Thrash, Traditional. All forms of metal are represented here. This website is based in whole on my own album collection.

Category: Genres > Metal
TopMusique - Hard/Metal

Category: Music-Online > Topsite-Rankings > Metal

Ever thing u need to know about the best metal band ever

Category: Artists > P > Pantera

Decillion is a Canadian Melodic Progressive metal band that meshes mood with madness, thick with devilish licks and melodic passages... Check out our MP3z...

Category: Artists > D

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