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A large collection of Metallic-Midis.

Category: Downloads > Midi-Files > Metal
Heavy Metal MIDI Files

Lots of heavy metal, rock and gothic midis.

Category: Downloads > Midi-Files > Metal
Joe's page of Alternative and Metal Midi's

Huge archive with alternative and metal midi-files.

Category: Downloads > Midi-Files > Metal

A huge archive of rock and heavy/metal midis. More than 60 files are counted.

Category: Downloads > Midi-Files > Metal
Punk and Metal Midi-Archives

That's maybe one of the largest free Punk Midi-Archive. You will get everything from Nirvana to Metallica and more great midis.

Category: Downloads > Midi-Files > Punk

Very good ô rockin`ö TOP-40 Coverband with a whide ranged repertoire from soft to tough (Dance, Schlager, Rock, Metal, Alternative, R&B, Rap, Punk .....). As special offer we have a complete 80th ûshow with the top hits from that decade. Own high-quali

Category: Artists > B
Cro-Mags on the web

Official site of the Harcore Metal Band Cro-Mags including infos, tour dates, news, fotos, reviews and more...

Category: Artists > C

The Cessation Of Life Bio. Cessation Of Life is a 5 piece Heavy / Speed / Thrash / Aggression Metal band based in Ventura California.

Category: Artists > C
Official Envy Page

Alternative-Metal band out of Stanford, Lincoln Co. KY.

Category: Artists > E
Rock & Rap Confidential

Rock & Rap Confidential, the monthly music and politics newsletter, covers culture and politics, funk and country, hiphop and heavy metal, racism and revolution, jazz and reggae, folk music and ska, censorship and the phony war on drugs.

Category: Online-Magazines

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