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The Lyric Archive

This website provides the lyrics to the top songs in the country, the Billboard charts, TRL's Top 10 & now you can request or submit specific lyrics. (This website is updated at least twice a week)

Category: Lyrics
Community Topics - VisionEar's 2000 Lyric Posting

Here you can post this years current Music Song Lyrics. So join in and share what you have so others may find what they are looking for. When signing up, to post your Music Song Lyrics, you obtain a free E-Mail account.

Category: Music-Online > Discussion_Boards
Ashay's Metallica Page

Lyric, bios, history, logos, pics, downloads, mp3's, midis.

Category: Artists > M > Metallica
Insanity Palace of Metallica

Up-to-date news, lyrics, lyric theories, reviews, message boards, links, complete tour archive, quotes, virtual reality, faq, pictures and more, all on Metallica.

Category: Artists > M > Metallica
Metallica OverLoaded

Metallica tour dates, biography, discography, lyric's, pictures, store, links and much more.

Category: Artists > M > Metallica
Silent Night Museum

Complete history of ",, 3631,"Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator

Category: History
Geraldine Fibbers Lyric Generator

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators
Jesus Jones Random Lyric Page

Hit reload to see a new random lyric.

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators
Random Goth Lyric Generator (R.G.L.G.)

The night hangs bold and black like death but if your browser does not support java script, this site will truly fill you with emptiness.

Category: Lyrics > Random_Lyric_Generators
A Simple Prop...

Lyric and MIDI files.

Category: Artists > R > REM

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