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Finmusic: Internet Record Company

Streaming liquid audio and CD distribution for established and unsigned bands and indie labels. Free liquid audio player, free CD quality downloads, check lyrics, tour dates and graphics.

Category: Industry > Labels > F
Hero Music

Indie label based in the southeast US. Features music clips, MP3s & band info.

Category: Industry > Labels > H
Live + Kickin' Records

Indie label from Ithaca, NY featuring the music of Bubba George, Jennie Stearns, and Richie Stearns.

Category: Industry > Labels > L
March Records

Ambitious indie from upstate NY. Kleenex Girl Wonder, Barcelona, Bike, Godzuki and others from anywhere they mix sugar, synths and 3 chord hook-laden pop.

Category: Industry > Labels > M
My Pal God Records

Indie label in Chicago. Artists include Hurl, Dianogah, A Minor Forest, We Ragazzi, and more. Includes MP3s.

Category: Industry > Labels > M
North East Indie Records

Based in Portland Maine. The Taxis, Miravie, and Cerberus Shoal.

Category: Industry > Labels > N
po-homo recording contractors

The home of Montana Pete and Snipper. An indie/alternative London based record label.

Category: Industry > Labels > P
Revolver Records

A British indie label.

Category: Industry > Labels > R
The Gigometer

A connoisseur's calendar of indie music in New York City and environs. Updated daily and often maniacally. Weekly email version also available.

Category: Concerts > Events
Fake Chapter Records

Indie Label.

Category: Industry > Labels > F

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