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BlackCottage Recording

Black Cottage is a micro-indie recording label whose primary focus is to offer recordings by acts that place an emphasis on lyrical content. Beautiful web site with good information about their artists.

Category: Industry > Labels > B
Carmeled Pepper Records

Indie rock record label based in the Pacific Northwest (US), featuring artists Penny Lane, Fire 99 and Outpost 5. Also a distribution and production company.

Category: Industry > Labels > C
Catamount Co.

Indie-label home of resolutely iconoclastic roots-based and art-damaged musics; including Souled American, Dave Schramm, Tom House, and Jon Langford.

Category: Industry > Labels > C
C/Z Records (Seattle)

Original launch pad for Nirvana, Soundgarden, Built to Spill, and countless other Northwest bands. Since it's inception in 1985, C/Z has always maintained a consistant vision and is typically thought of as the 'other' Seattle rock indie label.

Category: Industry > Labels > C
Daemon Records, Inc.

Owned and operated by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. Supporting indie artists, and grass roots environmental and humanitarian activist organizations.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
Desafinado Records

(Brooklyn, NY) Indie rock.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
Devil In The Woods

San Fran indie since 1983. Dumptruck, Snowmen, Fiver, Shallow.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
Dischord Records

DC-based indie label. Artists include: Fugazi, Make*Up, Rites of Spring, Bluetip, and many more.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
DustBowl Records

Small, indie label that features Oklahoma country folk, roots, and native roots music. Home of The Farm Couple and Coyote Zen. Real Audio tracks and secure ordering.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
Fantastic Plastic

UK record company, and indie music specialist.

Category: Industry > Labels > F

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