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Indie Monkey

The premiere place online for minor label and self-released artists. Reviews, interviews, opinion and more.

Category: Online-Magazines
The Indie Contact Bible

The Indie Contact Bible lists over 1700 publications that will REVIEW your CD, and over 1400 radio stations that will PLAY your music. ALL styles of music are covered!

Category: Online-Magazines
Dream Trooper's Music Links and Resources

Dream Trooper's has links and resources for MP3'S, Indie Artists, Most musicical genres, and Instruments. Recording, and Radio stations, and much , much, more

Category: Music-Online > Web-Directories

Music review 'zine covering a vast, diverse panoply of genres, from punk to indie to experimental.

Category: Reviews
Derailed Records

NYC's up and coming indie label featuring techno, big beat, electronica, jungle and more. Includes MP3 files, etc.

Category: Industry > Labels > D
Go Big Records

Newest NYC indie label features alternative, pimp rock, hard rock, and rocks of all kind as well as hip hop. Straight from the streets to your house. Look for Innercorse, Free Air Festival (w/ Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust and others).

Category: Industry > Labels > G
Agitate the system

Indie record label from New york.

Category: Industry > Labels > A
Pluto Records

Independant label with releases ranging from metal, noisecore, and hardcore, to energetic indie pop rock.

Category: Industry > Labels > P
iMusic Indie Showcase - Liz Phair

Photos, audio clips, bio, album info, and bulletin board.

Category: Artists > P > Phair, Liz
25 Records

Home of up and coming indie pop, alternative and rock music. Discover some great new bands today.

Category: Industry > Labels > 2

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