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Venom - The 7 Gates Of Hell

Includes up to date news,information pictures,lyrics, discography, classifieds, history, interviews, links, mulrimedia, tabs and more.

Category: Artists > V

Alternative/industrial band from Los Angeles. Bio, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio clips/video. Official site.

Category: Artists > P
The Official Pazuzu Page

Official Page for Austrian death metal band Pazuzu. Contains information, discography, lyrics and interviews.

Category: Artists > P
A Tribute To Nordic Black Metal: Emperor

Discography and line-up information.

Category: Artists > E
Emperor - All-Music Guide

Multimedia resource hosts a biography of the European black-metal band. Includes a discography, a list of related artists, and a fan poll.

Category: Artists > E
Shadrak's Mayhem page

Contains a biography, discography and lots more...

Category: Artists > M - Public Enemy

Site includes bio, photo gallery, news, discography, album reviews, audio/video, message boards and more.

Category: Artists > P > Public Enemy
Alexandre Senda's Portishead Page

Lyrics, discography, sounds, tour dates, links, and a personal experience with being on the road with Portishead.

Category: Artists > P > Portishead

Official site of the Swedish brutal death metal band includes biography, discography, and downloads.

Category: Artists > D

Official site for the death metal band includes reviews, discography, news, and sound files.

Category: Artists > D

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