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Song meanings and song information, including album and chart position. Music trivia, title search, lyrics database.

Category: Lyrics
AC - Aaron Carter

Facts, pictures, sound clips [RealAudio], Winamp skin and a drawing.

Category: Artists > C > Carter, Aaron
Airgirl 101's Aaron Carter Fan Page

Pictures, facts, fan stories, articles, chatroom and message board.

Category: Artists > C > Carter, Aaron
Anything Aaron

Fansite with facts, lyrics, sound clips [.wav], fanclub, two interviews, and some pictures.

Category: Artists > C > Carter, Aaron
Lyrics Quizzes

Trivia for everyone - those who know popular music will enjoy participating in the quizzes; those who know a variety of long-forgotten facts, will find the potpourri quizzes challenging.

Category: Lyrics
Hard Rock Universe

Hard Rock facts, figures, sounds, pics, a metal head heaven.

Category: Genres > Metal
Always Bon Jovi - Marcelo's Bon Jovi Page

News, history, interesting facts, chat, pictures, lyrics, audio files, trading, pen-pals and links.

Category: Artists > B > Bon Jovi
All About Ricky

Includes pictures, biography, lyrics, and facts.

Category: Artists > M > Martin, Ricky
Latin Superstar Ricky Martin

Pics, Facts, Sounds, Videos, Fan Club, and more.

Category: Artists > M > Martin, Ricky
Arms Wide Open to Creed

A great Yahoo! club for anyone who loves Creed! News, little known facts, chat topics, and pics will be added every week!

Category: Artists > C > Creed

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