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Other music-polls

InternetTrash Music Polls - Lots of music-related polls.

Public Opinion Poll Question Database - Database of questions and response frequencies
from Louis Harris Polls, Carolina Polls, State Polls, the Knight Foundation Community
Polls, and Southern Focus Poll. Archived data can be searched search by question wording,
date, and state to identify questions of interest. The index displays the full question
text and marginals for each item retrieved.

MyBiotch Polls - Here you can start your own music-polls...

BigPulse - BigPulse is not a conventional poll but more like an "Opinion Market".
All opinions float as concise "placards" in poll leaderboards. The placards are ranked
live as they compete continuously for votes.

Battle of the Songs - Allows users to vote on two commercial alternative songs.

Radio Free Top 100 Music Poll - Top musical artists as voted on by the public. - Listen to the latest music and let your vote be heard. -- Top Album of the Year Polls - Results of the yearly polls taken on and alt.rock-n-roll for the best albums of the year.

Savas' Guitarists Page - World's greatest guitarists; vote for them.

SwingAwards - Vote for your favorite swing era music, including big band, jump blues,
western swing, and rockabilly.

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