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DJ Monkey Release More Than A Musical Statement With 3rd World   2006-07-03

Roots Based Organization Future of Jazz Makes A Difference   2006-07-03

Jones Releases Impressive Indie Rock EP Let Emí Believe What They...   2006-06-26

Lance Reegan-Diehl Releases Career Defining CD Internal Construct...   2006-06-16

Animal Communicators Help To Record Album With Pink Dolphins   2006-05-29

Noteborn Music Company Gives Indie Artists Opportunities   2006-05-29

Musician, Producer, Music Publisher and now Novelist, Graham Scla...   2006-05-27

Wampus Multimedia Launches Specialty Label Foldback Records   2006-05-23

IGR Productions Release Downsiid Video Balliní   2006-05-22

Dino Jag Revisits The Past With Play That Funky Music 2005   2006-05-15

Indie CD Rhodes Gibson & His Orchestra Present P-man Hits The Str...   2006-05-15

Krescent 4 Hits The Mark With R ed Hot EP Rock   2006-05-08

Laura Day Releases Independent EP Itís You   2006-05-08

Cannata Is Back In The Spotlight With Mysterium Magnum   2006-05-01

Itís Wonderful To Be Tammy Allen   2006-05-01

Phil Walton Releases D.I.Y. Recording Reason To Live   2006-04-24

Back In The Day-Live From Hurrahís New York City Released On DVD   2006-04-24

Lareau Sings About Changes On New Release   2006-04-20

Rare Blend Releases Progressive-Rock-Jazz Fusion Masterpiece   2006-04-17

Latent Anxiety Releases Perception CD   2006-04-10

Amphis-Baena Stretch Out On New Release Fleeting   2006-04-10

Song Contest Offers Something For Everyone   2006-04-03

Chicago Guitarist Eric Mantel Releases New CD The Unstruck Melody...   2006-03-27

The Soupy Sales Collection Released On DVD   2006-03-27

Lee Nysted Lands With New Recording Shoot From The Hip   2006-03-13

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