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Noteborn Music Company Gives Indie Artists Opportunities  2006-05-29

Ann Arbor, MI--May 29, 2006--The road for independent artists becomes more challenging every day and the competition for drawing attention to your music is a daunting task indeed. The independent music business has many resources, so many now it can be overwhelming. In the process of sorting out what is best for a career path, it takes companies that have their arms around what makes an artist tick and what the people want to hear. Somewhere along the line, a service like Noteborn Music Company comes in and lends a hand to help give each individual artist some direction, and mainly an opportunity to get their music into the hands of people that genuinely enjoy it and have a multitude of ways to use it.

Noteborn Music Company is an international publishing company that hand picks quality artists and music for use in movies, TV shows, advertising campaigns, and for music producers. This groundbreaking company values independent and signed artists of all styles and genres. If selected your recordings are entered into a music library for submissions to television shows, advertising campaigns, movies and more.

Noteborn has already made a difference for countless indie artists by collaborating with established media outlets such as Spike TV, On Demand cable, MTV, and national advertising campaigns. In addition to those great services, they offer artist development services in the areas of web, print, manufacturing, recording, and public relations.

It is refreshing to see companies making life easier in the complicated world of music. This will come as a welcome change because it is easy for artists to participate and submit their music for consideration. All they have to do is go to the Noteborn or Sonicbids sites to register. The best part about a service like this is that there are no hidden fees or exclusive contracts to deal with. In a world of empty promises this is a godsend and worth looking into.


Kris Keller
Noteborn Music
PO Box 8171
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8171
Tel: 734-231-4968
Fax: 734-665-7854
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