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Animal Communicators Help To Record Album With Pink Dolphins  2006-05-29

Los Angeles, CA--May 29, 2006--Of the five freshwater species of dolphins in the world, the pink Amazon River dolphin, "bufeo colorado” as they are known in Peru and “botos," as they known in Brazil, are considered to be the most intelligent. This beautiful creature is now fighting for its very existence due to the destruction of the fragile habitat of the Rainforest by commercial ventures whose only concern is growing their business, and at any cost.

Non-profit organizations like the International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest (ISPTR) and the innovative company The Laurel Canyon Animal Company, have set their sights in bringing about awareness and change to the global mindset so we save the important eco system on the Amazon.

Music From The Pink Dolphins was inspired by their plight to survive the devastation of their native habitat. Two key spiritual individuals, Penelope Smith and Eros Christos, internationally recognized telepathic animal communicators, became a part of the process to begin this very important recording.

Skip Haynes and Dana Walden (musical director) put their passion and love for the dolphins to work and with the help of the animal communicators and some very talented musicians and vocalist, recorded the groundbreaking recording Music From The Pink Dolphins. The CD features sounds of the Amazon layered in between the dreamy vocalizations of Donna Delory, known for her extensive work as Madonna’s backup singer, and tribal rhythms and beats from deep within the jungle. Listeners that enjoy world and new age music will be delighted.

The cause is most important and the messages from the dolphins are in every track on the CD. The entire project serves many purposes and it mainly brings attention to a situation that needs our love and healing to return the land back to its rightful owners. Music like this makes it clear that mankind as stewards of mother earth, has not done a very good job in preserving its natural resources and precious creatures.


Skip Haynes
Laurel Canyon Animal Company
8305 Yucca Trail. Los Angeles. CA 90046
Tel: 323-822-1764
Fax: 323-656-9224
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