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Laura Day Releases Independent EP Itís You  2006-05-08

May 8, 2006--Madison, Wisconsin--Laura Day and her beautiful voice matches her inside and out, literally. Her dazzling blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair make a perfect match for the expressive and inviting vocals she provides on her most recent release Itís You.

Itís You features folk-rock with subtle intonations of jazz and country emphasized by her sweet tones and affecting lyrics. Laura wrote, produced, and recorded her debut CD at Smart Studio in Madison. She is an inspiration to all independent artists, particularly women, and her spirit and drive is evident at every turn on the EP. Originally from central Illinois, over the years Lauraís musical career has spanned the Midwest, performing the bar-band and coffee shop circuits across Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. This summer she plans to make a short east coast tour starting at the famous vacation spot Marthaís Vineyard. Laura has made Madison her home and has strong ties there with local organizations. She contributes her time and talent while organizing music festivals for charitable fundraising in support of local area artists.

Laura launched a publishing company, Stratess Publishing, Inc., a sister company to her computer consulting company, Stratess, Inc., in 2005, and is actively engaged in the pursuit of new artistís catalogs, and providing music business related services and products such as the design and development of a software application for music publishing management.

It is clear that Laura Day epitomizes the word independent and she wishes to share her wealth of knowledge regarding the many aspects of the music business with artists that have similar goals and ambitions, so they too can be successful and reap the benefits of making the right decisions for their careers. Madison should be proud to have her but it is time the world knew about this eclectic and talented individual. Her music is a direct reflection of her soul, and when she sings, it comes from the heart. You can trust that everything you hear from Laura comes from the right place and for all the right reasons. Finding someone genuine and honest in the music business is not common; then again, she is not your ordinary girl.

Contact: Laura Day
Stratess Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 45335 Madison, WI 53744-5335
Tel: 608-358-4418
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