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Indie CD Rhodes Gibson & His Orchestra Present P-man Hits The Streets  2006-05-15

Boca Raton, Florida--May 15, 2006--P-man is Paul Sennello, a rock bass player from Florida that knows how to inject humor into his music. The new recording Rhodes Gibson & His Orchestra Present P-man is a purposeful mouth full, poking fun at over indulgence and self-importance.

Sennello sites the influences of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd, as his driving force early on in his career as a musician. Bits and pieces of these legendary artists are sprinkled all over the new recording, giving rock fans something to bite into right out of the gate.

Sennello put together a crackerjack band and recorded his new CD for alternative rock fans that do not take themselves too seriously but enjoy melodic guitar licks, a punchy rhythm section, and music that makes you tap your feet and sing along while rockin’ your soul every step of the way.

P-man offers music for those in the age bracket of 15-60. That covers a lot of ground when you look at the whole picture and how difficult it is to pull in an audience in the world of indie music these days. Sennello does a great job with in your face, albeit funny lyrics, to capture you right from the beginning of the first track on Rhodes Gibson & His Orchestra Present P-man. “Mary” gets your attention rather quickly as do other tracks such as “The Game You Play,” which focus on relationships with the opposite sex-not a topic that is a stranger to anyone. “Tortured Soul,” “Cruel Reality,” and “Sophie,” explore the more serious and contemplative side of the man. All of these tracks are solid musically with dissimilar cynical slants on the lyrical portion of the compositions, which is the main aim of this indie artist.

P-man is an inspiration to all independent artists that are in the singer, songwriter, musician mold, that want to explore their lifetime of influences while writing and composing original material. In the end, it all comes out sounding innovative and fresh because it comes from the soul of a rock ‘n’ roll poet built for these crazy times.


Paul Sennello
Address: 1982 NE 4TH Street, Deerfield Beach, FL, 33441
Phone: 954-325-4703
My Space:
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