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The Soupy Sales Collection Released On DVD  2006-03-27

Ventura, CA--March 27, 2006--Soupy Sales is a throwback to the days when you could enjoy some good wholesome comedy without worrying about profanity or offending dialogue. Soupy and his cast of characters became legends of TV comedy and for the first time these classic performances are available in a three DVD set from Morada Vision.

As the subtitle indicates on the cover of the DVD-The whole gang is here including White Fang, Black Tooth, and some very special guests drop in such a Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis junior. The Rat Packs boys go to a restaurant where Soupy is a disgruntled waiter and a full-scale pie fight ensues. It is slapstick comedy at its very best.One of the most famous outtakes in TV history featuring the naked-lady is included with the generous set as well. A twelve-page booklet with pictures is a welcome bonus to supplement the package.

It is heart warming and indeed refreshing to relive the innocence of a time long since past. We live in a different world today and it is nice to sit back and relax, have some laughs and enjoy a part of our American culture in all its glory. There were not many comedians like Soupy Sales and this DVD set clearly demonstrates how important he was to the development of TV and comedy in general. This is one that you cannot miss!

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