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Cannata Is Back In The Spotlight With Mysterium Magnum  2006-05-01

New Release Is Sure To Delight Fans of Progressive, Art, and Melodic Rock Everywhere

New Haven, CT.--May 1, 2006--Progressive/Art Rock veteran Jeff Cannata has returned in a big way with a new recording titled Mysterium Magnum. Long time fans will recognize Cannata from his former bands spanning three decades, including Jasper Wrath and Arc Angel. As they say-that was then and this is now.

The multi-talented Cannata sings, plays guitar, bass, synths, percussion, drums, and produces Mysterium Magnum. There are powerful statements lyrically on the album and the music is a continuous source of energy, inspiration, and excitement. The truth about who we are as human beings on a planet filled with confusion and strife is clear on tracks like “Tears of America.” Cannata takes a tell-it-like-it-is stance and chances are a tear may come to your eye while listening to the track as it looks back on events since 9-11 and it begs the question…who have we become in this nation.

Although the recording has a dark flavor to it, the music has the ability to shine some sunlight on the subject matter with powerful sweeping art/progressive rock. The keyboards have a hypnotic effect while the guitar, bass, drums, and the occasional flute interspersed amongst all the other instruments give it all a symphonic rock feel with the foundation of art rock taking the lead and pushing every track to the forefront of your listening experience. Cannata is an excellent vocalist and musician; he completely realizes his potential in the studio. The recording also offers some eye candy on the CD cover with colorful and imaginative artwork normally found within the art/ prog rock realm. The CD comes beautifully packaged in an attractive digi pack case with a booklet enclosed including pictures and lyrics, emulating the days of vinyl albums most beautifully. Surely, fans will be delighted with every aspect of Mysterium Magnum.

Jeff Cannata
Oxford Circus
PO BOX 185493
Hamden, Ct. 06518
Tel: 203-230-9051
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