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It’s Wonderful To Be Tammy Allen  2006-05-01

Atlanta, GA--May 1, 2006--Vocalist Tammy Allen caught the music bug at age 13 at a B.B. King concert. She explains, “I never heard anything with that kind of a pocket.” About a week later, Allen decided that was her destiny in life.

After the weekly grind of working in nightclubs and restaurants in LA and Las Vegas was behind her, Allen settled in and opened her own studio in Atlanta to offer voice lessons to aspiring young vocalist. Big House Studios opened its doors in 2001 and has been providing a breeding ground for talent ever since.

Another phase of Tammy Allen’s career is now in full swing with her third recording Wonderful To Be. Atlanta is home to some of the nation’s finest musicians. Allen says, “Working with musicians like Sam Sims and William Green helped me to bring my skills up to their high standards.” Tammy Allen has a beautiful vocal style that will set your mind at ease and free your spirit. “I Am Free” is a fine example of working from places of the heart while setting lyrics to light and airy jazz tones.

Wonderful To Be is a joyous, upbeat recording that is a reflection of Tammy Allen’s current state of mind and it is sure to rub off on any listener within range of her infectious warm vocals and vibrant jazz music. Her deep understanding of what she wants to achieve musically before entering the studio has evolved considerably over the years and the result is the vital mix of smooth jazz, R&B and Latin flavors that the new release offers. Jazz fans with many different stylistic tastes will certainly be pleased with what they hear.

With the hope and promise of Wonderful To Be for a springboard to her next project and new students every day as a source of inspiration, Tammy Allen is right where she wants to be in life and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing all of those positive vibes with people through her music.

Tammy Allen
Big House Studios
4375 Iris Brooke LaneSnellville, GA 30039
Tel: 678-344-6032

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