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Phil Walton Releases D.I.Y. Recording Reason To Live  2006-04-24

Lisburn, Northern Ireland--April 24, 2006--Phil Walton went to the same school as Sting and Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), and studied Music at Sheffield University alongside John Hackett (brother of ex Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett) but the education that benefited him the most was the school of life.

Walton has spent most of his working life as an orchestral Viola player while composing and conducting. While listening to his new release Reason To Live, you realize quickly his many experiences have paid huge dividends.

There are some great tunes on Reason To Live, tracks such as “She Walked” and “What Are You Waiting For,” feature Walton’s haunting vocals alongside delicate and perfectly placed guitar lines, stirring rhythms, and textured organ sounds that are as compelling as they are infectious.

What makes Phil Walton’s new album such an incredible feat of modern technology and sheer genius is the fact he created the entire recording on a computer, painstakingly putting it together piece by piece with tremendous effort driven by his true love for music, what makes a composition tick, and lyrics that come from the mind of a poet. A project of this magnitude pushes the musical envelope symbolically and literally into regions of creativity reserved for only those with an intrinsic knowledge and respect for music as a living breathing entity.

Those that enjoy progressive rock or art rock will find plenty of enjoyment and the opportunity to do some reflection in the mirror of life with this multi-hued moving music. Phil Walton challenges your imagination through his lyrics and music. He is a true poet and sage of our time. There are many ways to deliver a message and music can be the best medium of all, then it suddenly becomes clear after hearing this music you find yet another Reason To Live.

Contact: Phil Walton
Company/Label: BlarisTrax
Address: 1 Sepon Park, Lisburn, County Antrim, BT28
3BQ, Northern Ireland
Telephone: 028-9258-8177
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