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Back In The Day-Live From Hurrah’s New York City Released On DVD  2006-04-24

Los Angeles, CA--April 24, 2006—Do you remember Back In The Day when punk rock and new wave intersected to form a new kind of music and culture? It really was not that long ago. In the 70’s New York City played a pivotal role in the formation of bands like the Talking Heads and The Ramones at legendary venues like CBGB’s, in the 80s it was clubs like Hurrah’s that were showcasing the up and coming wave of new talent that was packing them in everywhere.

Back In The Day-Live From Hurrah’s New York City is a colorful and energy filled account of that time, featuring 30 tracks of raw and emotional bands shakin’ whatever they had in front of the veracious young crowds that supported them. From the rockers to the avante garde, Hurrah’s had them all. You will see a very young girl band called the Go-Go’s performing “You Can’t Talk In Your Sleep” and fun rockers like The Bongos doing their bouncy tune “In The Congo.” Then there was the bands you could never forget like The Fleshtones, The Waitresses, Lene Lovich, and countless others that would make their mark and leave a path for others to follow in the years ahead, to start the same cycle all over again.

The younger generation was hell bent on being heard one way or another and music served as the perfect medium of expression through clothing, dance, and the lyrics of the music-just as every generation before them, their intent was to rise up against the status quo and be different. Bands that frequented establishments like Hurrah’s were the cornerstone of their bourgeoning society and cause.

As the DVD advertises on the bright yellow ticket placed so prominently the cover of the DVD, you get 30 individual raw performances that tell the story of a different time. Much like the music and attitude that this era represented, Back In The Day-Live From Hurrah’s New York City is a straight forward and in your face look at what was happening in that decade. This blast from the past is an encapsulation of a time that is full of memories from performances of artists that shaped and molded the day’s youth. Moments like these are now at your fingertips for countless hours of turning back the clock. It all comes rushing back as if you were right there watching all the bands that made you get off your chair and dance, raise your fist in the air, and feel that youthful exuberance that only music can make happen.

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