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News for 2018-03-09 (32)News Source:

  How WhatsApp Could Worsen Brazil’s Yellow Fever Outbreak (Wired)

  Reddit Still Hosts Links to Russian Propaganda Sites (Wired)

  Waymo Is Testing Self-Driving Trucks in Georgia (Wired)

  Router-Hacking "Slingshot" Spy Operation Compromised More Than 100 Targets (Wired)

  The Dot Power Platform Could Transform Farming Technology (Wired)

  Barack Mirror? Ideas for Obamas' new Netflix show (BBC)

  'I'm visibly Muslim but it's not a huge deal' (BBC)

  Marvel's Jessica Jones returns: 'Well timed for the Time's Up moment' (BBC)

  The Quest to Make a Robot Cat Walk With Artificial Neurons (Wired)

  San Francsico Mayor Wants a Safety Test for Self-Driving Cars (Wired)

  Uber's Robo-Truck, McLaren's Senna Supercar, and More Cars News This Week (Wired)

  Want Animoji, but Not the iPhone X? Try These Apps Instead (Wired)

  Samsung Powerbot R7065 Review: Eager to Please (Wired)

  These Women Could Lose Their Right to Work in the US (Wired)

  How Fast Can Gravitational Wave Detection Get? (Wired)

  AI Has a Hallucination Problem That's Proving Tough to Fix (Wired)

  Obamas 'in talks to make Netflix shows' (BBC)

  Jo Min-ki: South Korean actor found dead after #MeToo allegations (BBC)

  Jeremy Clarkson to host revamped Millionaire (BBC)

  Artist Profiles: Maria Rita (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Mariella Santiago (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Mariene de Castro (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Marisa Monte (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Mestre Lourimbau (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Moacir Santos (World Music Central)

  Zimbabwean Sensation Mokoomba to Showcase at SXSW (World Music Central)

  Frida Kahlo: Row erupts over Barbie doll based on artist (BBC)

  NME's most memorable front covers as it prints for the last time (BBC)

  A New Star Wars TV Show Is on the Way. Worried? You Shouldn't Be (Wired)

  Why is Queer Eye connecting so much with viewers? (BBC)

  Apple's Swift Programming Language Is Now Top Tier (Wired)

  Deep Dub Intensity of Super Hi-Fi (World Music Central)

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