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News for 2018-03-08 (27)News Source:

  The High Cost of Lab-to-Table Meat (Wired)

  How Dutch Police Took Over Hansa, a Top Dark Web Market (Wired)

  Stacey Dooley: The women who inspire me (BBC)

  The Manchester-based author who's won a life-changing $165k book prize (BBC)

  Michael Parkinson questions his treatment of women (BBC)

  Season 2 of 'Jessica Jones' Proves She's Ahead of Her Time (Wired)

  Ad-Blocker Ghostery Just Went Open Source—And Has a New Business Model (Wired)

  Can Humans Survive on Water Vapor Alone? (Wired)

  Snake joke slithers into New York Times story (BBC)

  How ISIS and Russia Manufactured Crowds on Social Media (Wired)

  How the Stock Market Could Help Fight Climate Change (Wired)

  Starsky Robotics' Truck Takes Its First Human-Free Trip (Wired)

  Facebook Didn't Kill Online Sketch Comedy—The Entire Internet Did (Wired)

  Dying for Uber and Lyft's Secrets, Cities Get Creative (Wired)

  Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: A Stunning Camera and a Headphone Jack, Too (Wired)

  Susan Sarandon: Casting couch won't go away (BBC)

  Beatles-signed Peterborough hotel register at auction (BBC)

  Artist quits Tate role and hits out at 'victim-shaming' remarks (BBC)

  Noel and Liam Gallagher to headline BBC Radio 2's Biggest Weekend shows (BBC)

  Hinds: 'Rock 'n' roll is not cool anymore' (BBC)

  Paul Newman shared his salary with Susan Sarandon (BBC)

  Man denies stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar (BBC)

  What drove Milly Thomas to write a play about suicide? (BBC)

  Scottish Youth Theatre to cease trading in July (BBC)

  Black Panther's Michael B Jordan to adopt 'inclusion rider' for projects (BBC)

  BAE quits as Great Exhibition of the North sponsor (BBC)

  How Mum creator relit our love for sitcom (BBC)

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