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News for 2018-03-07 (31)News Source:

  The Vatican Hosts a Hackathon (Wired)

  Sea Level Rise in the SF Bay Area Just Got a Lot More Dire (Wired)

  MoviePass Customer Service Complaints Grow Along With Its Subscriber Base (Wired)

  Transgender Oscar actress calls out inequality (BBC)

  Gary Oldman's son defends father over abuse allegation (BBC)

  NME: End of an era of excess, drugs and rock 'n' roll (BBC)

  ThermoWorks Smoke and Smoke Gateway Review: Essentials for Your Smart Ki... (Wired)

  New Food Preservation Technology Means No Need to Refrigerate (Wired)

  Sony bans game teaching men to pick up women (BBC)

  Blue Sadie Headphones with Built-In Amp Review: Supreme Sound and Fit (Wired)

  Best Price for DJI Mavic Pro and Other Great Tech Deals (Wired)

  'The Archers made me realise I was a victim of domestic abuse' (BBC)

  Iconic NME magazine to end its weekly print edition (BBC)

  Leaked NSA Tool 'Territorial Dispute' Reveals the Agency's List of Enemy... (Wired)

  The CDC Can't Fund Gun Research. What if that Changed? (Wired)

  Bill Would Let Publishers Gang Up Versus Facebook and Google (Wired)

  How Leaked NSA Spy Tool 'EternalBlue' Became a Hacker Favorite (Wired)

  Nick Drake enters folk hall of fame (BBC)

  Jenson Button derides claims F1 too 'physical' for women (BBC)

  Artist Profiles: Monica Salmaso (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Marcio Bahia (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Maria Bethania (World Music Central)

  Tomb Raider star: 'It's all very positive' because of feminist movement (BBC)

  Ticket resellers 'misleading' fans (BBC)

  At This Crypto Event, the Attendees Really Were High (Wired)

  Grime through time: A brief history of one of the UK's biggest music genres (BBC)

  Weinstein Company rescue deal collapses (BBC)

  How a single punch changed soul singer Only Girl's life (BBC)

  Charli Howard: Is this really a 'plus-size' model? (BBC)

  Range Rover's $295K SV Coupe Has 2 Doors, Makes Some Sense (Wired)

  Investigator 'targeted politicians' for Sunday Times stories (BBC)

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