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News for 2018-03-04 (22)News Source:

  How Technology Unsettled the Stock Market (Wired)

  Is life different for women in post-Weinstein Hollywood? (BBC)

  Gender equality: Actor Michael Sheen 'would take pay cut' (BBC)

  This Week's Internet News: Social Media Can't Keep Up With the White House (Wired)

  Keep It Together: Our Favorite Personal Hygiene Products (Wired)

  Elusive Higgs-Like State Created in Exotic Materials (Wired)

  Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’ (Wired)

  Inside the Million-Dollar McLaren Senna Supercar (Wired)

  Social Inequality Will Not Be Solved By an App (Wired)

  Oscars 2018: What to expect from this year's ceremony (BBC)

  Artist Profiles: Elza Soares (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Familia Alcantara Coral (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Fernanda Cunha (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Fethxá (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Flora Purim (World Music Central)

  Mundial Montreal 2018 Call for Artist Showcase Submissions (World Music Central)

  Oscars: How Hollywood's stars approach the Academy Awards (BBC)

  Gary Oldman: 'It's a moment in the sun' (BBC)

  Annie Swynnerton: The woman who forced open the male art world (BBC)

  Matt Smith 'nearly turned down Doctor Who' (BBC)

  Oscars 2018: Get Out wins Spirit Awards best film (BBC)

  Meet the real life Three Billboards mother (BBC)

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