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News for 2018-03-03 (26)News Source:

  Oscars 2018: British animation firm nominated for fourth time (BBC)

  Space Photos of the Week: 410 Lights Years Away, a Proto-Saturn Comes to... (Wired)

  The Best Free Songwriting Apps for iPhone and Android (Wired)

  Newly Found Equifax Victims, Apple Vulnerabilities, and More Security Ne... (Wired)

  'Dr. Strangelove' Is Basically a Documentary (Wired)

  Stop Calling Snapchat a Social Network (Wired)

  Drones Help Bring Back Electricity in Puerto Rico (Wired)

  Actress Sarah Parish breaks leg in sledge fall (BBC)

  Why Churchill was so intimidating to play (BBC)

  The Razzies: Emoji Movie named worst film of 2017 (BBC)

  Interview with Regula Curti, Founder of the Beyond Foundation and Beyond... (World Music Central)

  How to make every nominee a winner (BBC)

  Mark Hamill: Pub quiz Jedi (BBC)

  Check the Resume: Rachel Morrison (Wired)

  Millennial Viagra Startup Hims Is Now Worth $200 Million (Wired)

  New Lawsuit Exposes Google's Desperation to Improve Diversity (Wired)

  Lady Bird 'most overrated' film (BBC)

  Is #meToo changing Hollywood? (BBC)

  Thirty years of outfits (BBC)

  The Oscar best picture contenders, in 45 seconds (BBC)

  Winter Storm Riley Brings Massive Flooding to New England—Again (Wired)

  How Planes Land in Crazy Crosswinds (Wired)

  Russian Facebook Accounts Had Millions More Followers Than First Reporte... (Wired)

  This Publisher Foresaw an Internet of Fiction Mixed With Fact (Wired)

  Oscar-Ready: 2018 Nominees on Streaming (Wired)

  Swiss voters ponder axing TV licence (BBC)

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