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News for 2018-01-03 (25)News Source:

  A Critical Intel Flaw Breaks Basic Security for Most Computers (Wired)

  Get a Password Manager. Here's Where to Start (Wired)

  'I love vinyl' (BBC)

  Logan Paul: How the YouTube community reacted (BBC)

  The Physics of Plastic Sheets … and Their Invisible Force Fields? (Wired)

  Students Redesign Ford's F-150 Pickup for the Age of Mobility (Wired)

  GoRuck’s GR1 Backpack Answers the Call of Duty—for a Steep Price (Wired)

  Ticketmaster's 'best seats' aren't the best seats after all (BBC)

  Beauty and the Beast pips Star Wars to be the UK's top film of 2017 (BBC)

  Is Your Startup Stalled? Pivot to Blockchain (Wired)

  Inside DC’s Controversial 'Watchmen' and Justice League Crossover (Wired)

  I Believe in Intelligent Design ... for Robots (Wired)

  Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Like Your Brain—Yet (Wired)

  Why Symmetry Continues to Beguile Mathematicians (Wired)

  Game of Thrones: New stamp set to feature Jon Snow and Arya Stark (BBC)

  Spotify sued over songwriter rights (BBC)

  Beyonce and Eminem to headline Coachella in 2018 (BBC)

  Coronation Street's first barmaid Doreen Keogh dies at 91 (BBC)

  Paddy McGuinness 'duped' by fake Derek Griffiths charity 'scam' (BBC)

  Celebrity Big Brother: Who are the new housemates? (BBC)

  Oumou Sangaré to Perform at Celtic Connections 2018 (World Music Central)

  The Logan Paul "Suicide Forest" Video Should Be a Reckoning For YouTube (Wired)

  Kay Mellor: Older women 'feel invisible' in TV (BBC)

  Logan and Jake Paul: The brothers dominating social media (BBC)

  Each of us streamed 1,036 songs last year (and most of them were by Ed S... (BBC)

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