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News for 2017-12-02 (20)News Source:

  A New Bill Wants Jail Time for Execs Who Hide Data Breaches (Wired)

  Artist profiles: Shammi Pithia (World Music Central)

  Artist profiles: Abduvali Abdurashidov (World Music Central)

  Artist profiles: Sheila Chandra (World Music Central)

  Space Photos of the Week: Survey Your Home Galaxy—And Its Neighbors (Wired)

  This Scientist Wants to Bring 'Star Trek' Values to Congress (Wired)

  Gift Guide: Tech Gift Ideas for the Smart-Home Owner (Wired)

  Trump and the Risks of Digital Hate (Wired)

  'The Disaster Artist': A Movie About a Movie (and a Phenomenon) That Cou... (Wired)

  A Hidden Supercluster Could Solve the Mystery of the Milky Way (Wired)

  San Francisco Plan to Adjust Parking Prices Based on Demand (Wired)

  How Pussy Riot turned to protest art (BBC)

  Strictly 'a big step forward' for disabled, says Peacock (BBC)

  What Firefox's Quantum Browser Means for a More Open Web (Wired)

  Apple's MacOS High Sierra Update Reintroduces "Root" Bug For Some Users (Wired)

  WIRED's Top Stories in November: Tesla's Electric Semi, FTW (Wired)

  Here's the NSA Agent Who Inexplicably Exposed Critical Secrets (Wired)

  Missed this week's entertainment news? (BBC)

  Bryan Singer: Illness forces director to stop work on Freddie Mercury film (BBC)

  Will Gompertz reviews season two of Netflix's The Crown ★★★★☆ (BBC)

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