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News for 2017-11-10 (41)News Source:

  Chinese Bike-Sharing Startup Mobike Has Its Eye on Expansion (Wired)

  An Insanely Breathtaking Photo of China's Rice Harvest (Wired)

  Naomi Campbell: Abuse in fashion 'a big problem' (BBC)

  Six Pre-Black Friday Deals to Kick Off Your Weekend (Wired)

  Rian Johnson Is Getting a Star Wars Trilogy—'The Last Jedi' Must Be Am... (Wired)

  Facebook Local Might Be the Only Facebook App You Need (Wired)

  Looking Back at 10 Years of the Hashtag on Twitter (Wired)

  The forgotten ancient Greek instrument: You have to listen to this (BBC)

  Form 696: 'Racist police form' to be scrapped in London (BBC)

  Louis CK admits sexual misconduct allegations are true (BBC)

  Facebook Isn't Listening Through Your Phone's Microphone. It Doesn't Hav... (Wired)

  A Gritty Vision of Mexico Through 7 Volcanoes (Wired)

  W1A News boss Neil Reid on his worst decision ever (BBC)

  Louis CK's film release scrapped amid sex allegations (BBC)

  Waymo Drops the Driver, Congress Attacks Electric Vehicles, and More Thi... (Wired)

  Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 700 (PS4/Xbox One) (Wired)

  Aukey KM-G3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review: Clicky Keys for Cheap (Wired)

  Grazia magazine apologises to Lupita Nyong'o for hair airbrush (BBC)

  Ed Westwick's BBC programmes on hold after rape allegations (BBC)

  Twitter's Authentication Policy Is a Verified Mess (Wired)

  How the Darpa Grand Challenges Created the Self-Driving Car Industry (Wired)

  Yuri Milner's Breakthrough Initiatives and Silicon Valley's Science Infl... (Wired)

  Department of Defense's 'Hack the Pentagon' Bug Bounty Program Helps Fix... (Wired)

  After Corralling AI Expertise, Facebook Now Offers to Share Some (Wired)

  Meet Tug, the Helpful Robot Rolling Its Way Into Hospitals and Hotels Ar... (Wired)

  Despite a Las Vegas Crash, Self-Driving Shuttle Buses Could Be the Future (Wired)

  New Star Wars trilogy raises Disney hopes (BBC)

  Wyclef is making an 'insane' mixtape (BBC)

  Magnum PI star John Hillerman dies at 84 (BBC)

  Is Taylor Swift's Reputation intact? (BBC)

  Why Othello will be played by a woman at the Liverpool Everyman (BBC)

  Finely Crafted A Je (World Music Central)

  Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston thinks Kevin Spacey's career is over (BBC)

  Now computers are writing perfectly acceptable pop songs (BBC)

  The stars making reality TV more intelligent (BBC)

  Joe Fox: Homeless busker to A$AP Rocky's album (BBC)

  Hayley Atwell calls for 'predator' Weinstein to be punished (BBC)

  The Fans Made Louis C.K.—Now They Might Undo Him (Wired)

  Audrey Luna in The Exterminating Angel: The highest note in New York (BBC)

  Louis CK: Five women accuse US comic of sexual misconduct (BBC)

  Portia de Rossi accuses Steven Seagal of sexual harassment (BBC)

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