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News for 2017-11-05 (14)News Source:

  BBC extends Met Office weather forecast contract (BBC)

  Donald Trump's Twitter Hiatus Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup (Wired)

  Michelle Pfeiffer: Abuse of women in Hollywood is 'systemic' (BBC)

  Why Daimler Researchers Used VR to Become Self-Driving Cars (Wired)

  The Atomic Theory of Origami (Wired)

  How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe and Secure (Wired)

  Why We Should All Be Using the Encrypted Chat App Signal (Wired)

  Comedy writer with Parkinson's tries stand-up comedy (BBC)

  Artist Profiles: Phil Cunningham (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Phil Wiggins (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Phong Nguyen (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Pinetop Perkins (World Music Central)

  Missed this week's entertainment news? (BBC)

  Meet Muna: The 'queer pop' band who caught Harry Styles' eye (BBC)

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