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News for 2017-10-04 (46)News Source:

  Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, and Everything Else Google Announced at Its 2... (Wired)

  Here’s the Leaked Anti-Leak Training Email That Just Went Out to the D... (Wired)

  Amazon Prime Members Save $30 on a Kindle Right Now (Wired)

  Matt Lucas: First openly gay footballers will be superstars (BBC)

  Google Home Mini: Specs, Price, Release Date (Wired)

  Google Pixelbook: Price, Specs, and Release Date (Wired)

  Google Pixel 2: Price, Specs, and Release Date (Wired)

  Pixel Buds: Specs, Price, Release Date (Wired)

  Nobel Prize in Chemistry Goes to Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Wired)

  How Gunsplaining Could Lead to Better Gun Laws (Wired)

  Russia's Facebook Ads Will Remain Secret, for Now (Wired)

  The dying art of the great song intro (BBC)

  Elon Musk Finally Gets His Melancholy Theme Song (Wired)

  How Sonos Made Amazon's Alexa Sound Amazing (Wired)

  'Destiny 2' Makes You Question Your Life—At Least For a While (Wired)

  Meet the Guy Bringing 'Dumb Data' Movie Math to Reddit (Wired)

  Snapchat exhibits virtual Jeff Koons sculptures (BBC)

  Charlotte Church marries Jonny Powell in secret ceremony (BBC)

  Pixel 2 Launch Liveblog: All the Google News as It Happens (Wired)

  Silicon Valley’s Trillion-Dollar Numbers Game (Wired)

  Comcast Cable Is Abandoning Customers in the Name of Free Speech (Wired)

  Algorithms Have Already Gone Rogue (Wired)

  How to Build Self-Conscious Artificial Intelligence (Wired)

  The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money (Wired)

  Elon Musk Gets a Theme Song From Weezer's Old Bassist (Wired)

  Artificial Synapses Could Lead to Brainier, Super-Efficient Computers (Wired)

  Live Video: Watch Google's Pixel 2 Phone Event (Wired)

  In Building an Electric Car, Dyson Goes Its Own Way (Wired)

  The Three Fundamental Moments of Podcasts' Crazy Rise (Wired)

  Who won the world's longest-running photography competition? (BBC)

  Blade Runner 2049: Ford and Gosling on the film's legacy (BBC)

  BBC's 9% gender pay gap revealed (BBC)

  Las Vegas shooting: Jason Aldean cancels gigs after attack (BBC)

  Doctor Foster reaches its climax - or was it an anti-climax? (BBC)

  Extraordinarily Expressive Contemporary Maqams (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Milladoiro (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Mike Marshall (World Music Central)

  New music 'at risk' through music education 'neglect' in England (BBC)

  Paddy McGuinness speeding case dismissed (BBC)

  Kanye West's The Life of Pablo becomes UK's first gold album from stream... (BBC)

  Welsh writer Cynan Jones wins BBC short story award (BBC)

  Grooming victim fear over Coronation Street courtroom error (BBC)

  Rae Morris: 'I gave Zane Lowe a blank CD' (BBC)

  Five times Clive Davis changed the course of music (BBC)

  6 Fresh Horrors From Equifax CEO Richard Smith's Congressional Hearing (Wired)

  The Yahoo Breach Was Actually Three Billion Accounts (Wired)

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