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News for 2017-10-03 (36)News Source:

  The Physics Nobel Goes to the Detection of Ripples in Space and Time (Wired)

  Uber Knew Its Self-Driving Guru Had Taken Google Trade Secrets (Wired)

  Kenneth Branagh 'humbled' by Belfast freedom award (BBC)

  'You took my phrase, fam': Lethal Bizzle isn't happy with Chris & Kem ov... (BBC)

  National Theatre specs create floating subtitles (BBC)

  Top Boy star Ashley Walters hints a third series may be in the works (BBC)

  Celebrities respond to Las Vegas shooting and criticise American gun laws (BBC)

  Sophie Okonedo and Ralph Fiennes to play Antony and Cleopatra on stage (BBC)

  The best (and worst) jukebox musicals (BBC)

  The iPhone Didn't Emerge From Nothing. Here's What Came Before It (Wired)

  Is it OK For Me to Ask Customer Service Reps if They're Robots? (Wired)

  Tamsin Greig on learning a 97-page play in two weeks (BBC)

  Jared Leto to star in Hugh Hefner biopic (BBC)

  Cardi B's Billboard Reign Isn't a Fluke—It's Streaming Supremacy (Wired)

  Candylab’s New Wooden Cars Swing Into the Prohibition Era (Wired)

  14 acts who were influenced by Tom Petty (BBC)

  As Federal Data Disappears, New Tool Gives Power to Cities (Wired)

  Google Holds Its Big Pixel Event Tomorrow. Here's What's at Stake (Wired)

  Gun Tech Couldn't Have Stopped the Las Vegas Shooter (Wired)

  Nura Nuraphones: Price, Specs, and How They Work (Wired)

  California Wants to Ban Non-Electric Cars—Here's How It Can Do It (Wired)

  The 2018 Ford Mustang GT Features the Dashboard of the Future (Wired)

  Kingdom of Us: Family's tragedy becomes Netflix film (BBC)

  Taylor Swift lyrics used on US road signs to stop people looking at phones (BBC)

  Backlash over illustrator's black Hermione fan art (BBC)

  Steve Coogan gets six-figure damages over hacking (BBC)

  Paris Fashion Week: From Cheryl to Dame Helen (BBC)

  At A Loss (World Music Central)

  Remembering Tom Petty, Unlikely Video Pioneer (Wired)

  Why Tech Leadership May Have a Bigger Race Than Gender Problem (Wired)

  Rocker Tom Petty dies after cardiac arrest (BBC)

  Tom Petty dies aged 66 (BBC)

  Find out the secret to creating snow on a theatre stage (BBC)

  How the Las Vegas Shooter Could Have Gotten an Automatic Rifle (Wired)

  Tate Modern Turbine Hall's three-seater swing (BBC)

  A strange encounter with St Vincent (BBC)

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