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News for 2017-10-02 (24)News Source:

  The Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Your Body's Circadian Clock (Wired)

  After the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Watch Out For Hoaxes and Bad Info (Wired)

  Bose QC35 II Review: Still Great Sound, but the Addition of Google Assis... (Wired)

  Tate Modern's Turbine Hall turns into a giant adult playground (BBC)

  General Motors Announces an All-Electric Future (Wired)

  Liverpool Biennial to host Ryan Gander and Agnes Varda shows (BBC)

  MTV's Bringing Back 'TRL'—But It's Not the (Carson) Daly Show Anymore (Wired)

  Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Express: Price, Specs, Release Date (Wired)

  'Archangel' Review: William Gibson's New Graphic Novel Takes Nuclear Anx... (Wired)

  Phone-Powered AI Spots Sick Plants With Remarkable Accuracy (Wired)

  Big Tech Eyes Supreme Court’s Employee-Arbitration Case (Wired)

  Who Will Take Responsibility for Facebook? (Wired)

  Kendrick Lamar finally announces European Tour and will be joined by Jam... (BBC)

  Justin Bieber meltdown 'worse than people realised' (BBC)

  Las Vegas shooting: Country music stars react (BBC)

  Marilyn Manson recuperating after stage accident (BBC)

  Flatliners: Is the remake any good? (BBC)

  Clare Balding denies Saga interview 'diva' claims (BBC)

  Moravian Folk Music Transformations (World Music Central)

  Artist Profiles: Mikael Marin (World Music Central)

  Kendall Jenner 'feels bad' after Pepsi Black Lives Matter advert controv... (BBC)

  Pussy Riot to put audience 'in prison' in theatrical show (BBC)

  Demi Lovato on dating and disappointment (BBC)

  This "Ghost Gun" Machine Now Makes Untraceable Metal Handguns (Wired)

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