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News for 2017-09-30 (15)News Source:

  Security News This Week: The Deloitte Breach Was Worse Than We Thought (Wired)

  Science Fiction: 'Caspar D. Luckinbill, What Are You Going to Do?' (Wired)

  Aliens Would Probably Love Science Fiction (Wired)

  Hit the Trails With These Great Hiking Shoes (Wired)

  How Good Are Equifax's Identity Protection Offerings? (Wired)

  Federal Reserve Overlooks Technology’s Role in Limiting Inflation (Wired)

  Space Photos of the Week: This Isn't the Saturn You're Looking For (Wired)

  Meet Halle Berry and Beyonce's stunt double (BBC)

  DJs celebrate 50 years of Radio 1 and 2 (BBC)

  Reggae Rockers Simpkin Project Release Beam of Light (World Music Central)

  Giant Steps Announces Music Action Lab 2.0, a Wide-Ranging Diverse Serie... (World Music Central)

  50 facts about Radio 1 & 2 as they turn 50 (BBC)

  Elon Musk's Rocket Travel Plan Could Work, Probably Won't (Wired)

  Tower of London poppy artist turns to ballet (BBC)

  How 'Usain Bolt' is in Geri Horner's chicken shed (BBC)

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