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Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes   (Wired)

A Straightforward Timeline of the FCC's Twisty DDoS Debacle   (Wired)

The Mighty Honeybee Is Fighting Poverty and Deforestation in Za...   (Wired)

A Costly CIA Mistake, a Campaign Hack, and More Security News T...   (Wired)

Best Weekend Tech Deals: Bose QuietComfort, Galaxy Note 9, iPad...   (Wired)

PK360 Grill & Smoker Review: Well-Built Cooking Excellence   (Wired)

Scientists Are Developing a Unique Identifier for Your Brain   (Wired)

Elon Musk Is Broken, and We Have Broken Him   (Wired)

Space Photos of the Week: Supersized Saturn and Jumbo Jupiter   (Wired)

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Stormy Daniels stands by claim they...   (BBC)

Artist Profiles: Ravi Shankar   (World Music Central)

Artist Profiles: Sharda Sahai   (World Music Central)

Artist Profiles: Harikumar Sivan   (World Music Central)

Artist Profiles: Shiv Kumar Sharma   (World Music Central)

Artist Profiles: Debu Nayak   (World Music Central)

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