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Professor Bill Edwards' Ragtime/Old-Time Gallery  [Rate it]

Features music resources and MIDI files for novelty piano, early and piano ragtime, Scott Joplin, and more.

Ragtime MIDI Library  [Rate it]

A collection of John Roache's ragtime, jazz, and stride piano MIDI sequences. Includes music by Robin Frost, Frank French, James P. Johnson, Scott Joplin, James Scott, Eubie Blake and others.

Walt E. Smith's Ragtime MIDI  [Rate it]

Features well done performances of music by May Aufderheide, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Artie Matthews, Jay Roberts, Percy Wenrich, Mark Janza, and others in General MIDI format.

Ragtime Music  [Rate it]

Nearly 400 Ragtime Midi-Files.

Keeper's long-lost MIDI files  [Rate it]

Sequences from 1988-present of mostly ragtime and baroque keyboard works. Includes original ragtime compositions by the founder of the newsgroup.

Jazzlady's Ragtime MIDI Page  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

This is a large collection of Ragtime tunes, especially those of Joplin, Lamb, and Scott, plus many more. There are frequent additions to the site.

Ragtime Press Midi Archive  [Rate it]

The premier source for Ragtime midi, audio, and sheet music

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