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Country Song Generator  [Rate it]

Country Western Song Machine  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Generates random lyrics in the style of a country western song.

Geraldine Fibbers Lyric Generator  [Rate it]

Jesus Jones Random Lyric Page  [Rate it]

Hit reload to see a new random lyric.

Leon's Random Song Lyrics  [Rate it]

Just hit reload for a new song every time.

Random Goth Lyric Generator (R.G.L.G.)  [Rate it]

The night hangs bold and black like death but if your browser does not support java script, this site will truly fill you with emptiness.

Random Smiths Lyrics Generator  [Rate it]

Spits out lyrics and the song they are from or just the lyrics which gives users the opportunity to guess the song.

Virtual Jon - Yessongs Big Generator  [Rate it]

Brought to you by Virtual Jon. Create songs in the style of the rock group Yes.

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