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Uncanny Rap Records  [Rate it]

Rap/hip-hop record music label from the midwest (Wisconsin/Minnesota).

Ultra Groove  [Rate it]

Newest member of pop/rock/alternative indie label world. Our debut band is Ramble.

Unicycle Records (San Francisco, CA)  [Rate it]

CD-quality downloadable live music; distribution and promotion services for independent musicians.

The Unit Circle Rekkids  [Rate it]

Seattle based avant garde and experimental label.

Uno Nina Records  [Rate it]

Uno Nina Records the hottest underground label in the world ",, 3482,"Up Records

Uvulittle Records  [Rate it]

Our focus is on helping independent and non-conventional creative artists bring their music to a larger audience. Releases include influences of Klezmer, bluegrass, and John cage; a few real audio samples are available.

Undercover Records  [Rate it]

United Guttural Records  [Rate it]

Uxicon Records  [Rate it]

Unsignable Records  [Rate it]

For those who REFUSE to Sell Out : UNSIGNABLE !

unT€rm duR(h$chn/tt  [Rate it]

indierock garage hc/punk screamo emo-noise label.

Under Surveillance Records  [Rate it]

Official site. Murder All The Tracks, Funkywax Productions, and more. Free downloads. Minneapolis, MN

Underwax records  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Swiss Hardtracks Label

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