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Peaceville Records  [Rate it]

UK underground label featuring metal bands such as My Dying Bride, Opeth and Katatonia.

phoney music  [Rate it]

Phoney - an internet music label; listen and enjoy fresh contemporary music between house electronic d'n'b techno sample based freestyle realaudio mp3 cd.

PowerMove Entertainment  (Rating: 6 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

The Hottest Independant Record Label of the Next Millinium.

Pavement Music  [Rate it]

Metal record label with offices in the United States and Europe. Current roster includes a.o. Kreator, Sodom, Malevolent Creation and more.

Pluto Records  [Rate it]

Independant label with releases ranging from metal, noisecore, and hardcore, to energetic indie pop rock.

Paradine Recor  [Rate it]

A Seattle based independent multi-genre mainly hip-hop label with various artists and soundbytes.

Parasol Records/Distribution  [Rate it]

Huge midwest pop distro featuring Mud Records, Elephant 6 & many more, with a searchable catalog. Includes Real Audio. Their site features the record lables Parasol, Mud, Spur, and Hidden Agenda.

Peaces'  [Rate it]

Independent Christian label, and recording studio.

Peyote Records  [Rate it]

Ambidelic, psychotropic, conscience expanding music. Artists such as Juno Reactor, Myopic, Silk, & Shiva Chandra have all contributed to our archivesà

Piano One  [Rate it]

New age piano music featuring Artist and Composer Kevin Asbjornson on the PianoOne recording label - relaxing music with a touch of jazz, soft rock and classical.

Pitch-a-tent Records  [Rate it]

Athens, GA based record label of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven frontman David Lowery. Artists such as Kitty Snyder, the Wee Turtles, Je Suis France, Steve Koester, and Camper Van Beethoven. Mp3's to download.

Plastic Factory  [Rate it]

Web-based independent label with a focus on experimental pop.

Platipus Records  [Rate it]

Important independent trance label that released Robert Miles and others.

Plethora Records  [Rate it]

Home to Jimmy C, Lawn Fairies, Expired, Randamdu's Daughter, Stella, and Fringe. (Created by Steven Partlow)

Plutonique  [Rate it]

An independent label specializing in all forms of alternative music. Artists include Space Basement, Big Ski and Un.

Poetic Wax Records  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Records, Alien House recording,and Web design services. Accepting demo packages from creative acts.

po-homo recording contractors  [Rate it]

The home of Montana Pete and Snipper. An indie/alternative London based record label.

Polyphony Records  [Rate it]

Christian and latin recording studio providing full production cds, casettes and mp3 flies.

Pop Records  [Rate it]

Home to diverse acts such as Kasper Winding's VIBE-O-GRAM, Maya Albana, Silicon, Muriel and Luscious (feat Lois).

Porcelain Productions  [Rate it]

Rock/punk/math/pop/experimental record label from Richmond, Va.

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