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Necropolis Records  [Rate it]

Napalm Records  [Rate it]

Independent record label specializing in the metal/gothic underground scene.

Narada Productions  [Rate it]

The best in new instrumental, jazz and world music NaradaƆs instrumental music influenced by jazz, world, folk, rock, pop and classical music occupies a distinctive position on the contemporary musical landscape.

NCM East Records  [Rate it]

Providing an outlet for new, and original music.

Nebula Records  [Rate it]

Home of the hottest music from Atlanta Georgia.

NEH Records  [Rate it]

Specializes in melodic rock. Also, AOR, alternative rock, acoustic rock, and blues.

Nervous Records  [Rate it]

Rockabilly and psychobilly from London. Large catalogue.

New Dawn Music  [Rate it]

Committed to supporting artists wishing to advance the kingdom of God through creative music.

New Improved Music  [Rate it]

Daniel Johnston's new record ",, 3375,"No Cigar Records

No Frillz Records  [Rate it]

A New Zealand record label releasing home-made productions.

Nobody Records  [Rate it]

West Coast based label with broad musical focus. We accept unsolicited music. RealAudio clips from some of our artists. Contest to win fun Nobody Records merchandise.

Noir Reco  [Rate it]

Independent recording label committed to producing and distributing jazz, world music, classical and spoken word.

Noisome Records Homepage  [Rate it]

Home to Ultimate Fakebook and Creature Comforts. Located in Lawrence, KS.

North East Indie Records  [Rate it]

Based in Portland Maine. The Taxis, Miravie, and Cerberus Shoal.

Note Farm Records  [Rate it]

Independent non-profit music in Oregon, and Washington.

Nuclear Blast America  [Rate it]

Features such bands as: S.O.D., Meshuggah, Death, Pro-Pain, Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy, In Flames and many more. Also home to some great goth and industrial bands.

NviroN - evolutive'n warm  [Rate it]

NviroN is an independent label, whose parties are glassfacade, Yellow Kitchen, through the sLoe, peppermine onanism.

Noise Records  [Rate it]

American label.

No-Script Music  [Rate it]

An interactive music website with bios, audio, a chatroom, jokes, etc.

No Fashion Records  [Rate it]

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