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Icehouse Records  [Rate it]

Home for traditional, and rockin' blues, jazz, contemporary and classic roots music.

Ichor Recordings  [Rate it]

Dark sounds for your listening (dis)pleasure.

IGE Records  (Rating: 6.33 - Votes: 3)  [Rate it]

Music, art, stories, recording. Music all types all genres. A site for entertainment variety.

Impressive Records  [Rate it]

Small, independent label dedicated to music from the island of Jamiaca.

Inner SPACE Records - Space & Progressive Music  [Rate it]

Space rock, progressive music, MP3, Daevid Allen's University of Errors, Mushroom, and more...

Interchill Records  [Rate it]

A Montreal/England based independent record label, which focuses on chill-out sounds. Featuring such artists as: Dreamlogic, Pilgrims of the Mind, EKKO, etc.

Interdimensional Industries  [Rate it]

Experimental, industrial, electro, and ambient music.

Introspect Records  [Rate it]

Introspect Records is an independent record label dedicated to the identification, development and promotion of local artists from the Western New York/Southern Ontario areas.

Isis Records  [Rate it]

R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative and Soft-Rock record label promoting college and high school mini-concert tours throughout Southern California: news, reviews, albums, sounds, tour dates, more.

Island Records UK  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Contains the complete catalog, pages for each of the hundreds of artists (which contain links to the unofficial sites), and an online store.

Ismism Digital Media  [Rate it]

Minneapolis, Minnesota based electronica label featuring dotdotdot.

Impact-Records  [Rate it]

German music-label. Mainly with punk music.

Imperium Records  (Rating: 7 - Votes: 3)  [Rate it]

hard core , death metal pagan viking rac oi haterock nazi rock

Invictus Productions  [Rate it]

Irish label/distro, based in Dublin, Ireland

Irond Records  [Rate it]

ICE Records Ltd  [Rate it]

Immortal Souls Productions  [Rate it]

Impaler Records  [Rate it]

Infernal Horde Productions  [Rate it]

Iron Pegasus Records  [Rate it]

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