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German Label for Johannes Heil, Anthony Rother, Gregory Tresher and more

Danceplanet  [Rate it]

The best Dance company in portugal.

Derailed Records  [Rate it]

NYC's up and coming indie label featuring techno, big beat, electronica, jungle and more. Includes MP3 files, etc.

Dark Symphonies  [Rate it]

Underground retail mail-order/record label specializing in the Dark Wave, Ambient and Black metal music genres.

Discorporate Music  [Rate it]

Featuring death metal artists Dichotic, Cephalectomy and Civil Carnage.

Displeased Records  [Rate it]

Dutch metal label, featuring bands as Altar, Pestilence, Cryptopsy and Celestial Season.

Daemon Records, Inc.  [Rate it]

Owned and operated by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls. Supporting indie artists, and grass roots environmental and humanitarian activist organizations.

Dance World Attack Records  [Rate it]

The Italian label of Alexia, Corona, Double You and more.

Dark Star Records  [Rate it]

Instant plays, free downloads, pictures, news and more. We specialize in all forms of metal and Industrial. See our online catalog. Now accepting submissions.

Darla Records  [Rate it]

SF-based label. Home of the popular ",, 3200,"Deadeye Records

Dead Daisy Records  [Rate it]

Founded by Emm Gryner to promote and distribute little-known artists. Secure online ordering.

Deadboyfriend Records  (Rating: 5 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Home of deadboyfriend artists : rev80, allison, jakstar, phase 50-4 and da80. This club music label has real audio samples of their artists, and a groovey merchandise section.

DeepThinka Records  [Rate it]

An independent record label consisting of talented emcees and producers aimed at preserving both the music and the culture of hip hop, which are by nature inseperable.

Delicate Ear  [Rate it]

DJ owned label featuring works of Kwno, Fly, and Jhno. Based in San Francisco.

Denim Records  [Rate it]

UK Real House Music Record Label. The creators of 'I Believe' by the Happy Clappers set up their own record label to release their own brand of house music. You can listen to MP3 and RealAudio samples of their new tunes months before release date. Lots of

Dept. of Ways and Means  [Rate it]

San Francisco based label.

Deroy-Records  [Rate it]

Manchester record label for fresh-cut funk, breakbeats, hip-hop, trip-hop, laid back easy grooves and smooth rhymes. Purveyors of slippery vinyl and easy-glide funk.

Desafinado Records  [Rate it]

(Brooklyn, NY) Indie rock.

Destination Records  [Rate it]

Streaming Shockwave audio from adult contemporary, pop, dance and inspirational artists.

Destined Records - Gospel Music and Christian Comedy  [Rate it]

This label located in Texas, specializes in gospel music and Christian comedy. Site contains sound samples, artists profiles, links and online product purchasing.

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