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CMC International  [Rate it]

Some of the great 80's bands signed on to this label.

Century Media  [Rate it]

Metal label: Diversity in Extreme.

Cadmium Records  [Rate it]

Independent record label that includes artists Limesix, and Sometime Never.

Carmeled Pepper Records  [Rate it]

Indie rock record label based in the Pacific Northwest (US), featuring artists Penny Lane, Fire 99 and Outpost 5. Also a distribution and production company.

Carrot Top Records  [Rate it]

Independent record label with releases from Coctails, Handsome Family, Archer Prewitt, Retsin, Flowchart, February, Slipstream, Disco Inferno, Samarai Celestial. Pop / cocktail lounge style music.

Casablanca Records  [Rate it]

Independent label with such artist as gangster ",, 3184,"Conquest Gold Records

Catamount Co.  [Rate it]

Indie-label home of resolutely iconoclastic roots-based and art-damaged musics; including Souled American, Dave Schramm, Tom House, and Jon Langford.

CD Nature - Soundscapes by Beto Bertolini  [Rate it]

Natural soundscapes from Atlantic Forest, Amazonia, Costa Rica, Paranß, Pantanal Wetlands with crystal clear recordings. An Environmental Sound Journey!

Chainsaw Records  [Rate it]

Olympia based label featuring Team Dresch, early Sleater-Kinney.

Cica Records  [Rate it]

Streaming tunes from up and coming bands, biographies of the bands and CD's to purchase. Quizes, gallery, monthly newsletters and much more.

Cold Meat Industry  [Rate it]

Presentation of cold meat industry,``sweden's label of dark ambient, noise industrial and dark medieval``folk music. sounds and artwork.

Columbia Records  [Rate it]

Home to Columbia, American Recordings, Aware Records, The Medicine Label, Nude Records, Ovum Recordings, Ruffhouse Records, Refugee Camp Entertainment, SoSo Def Recordings.

Comstock Records  [Rate it]

Specializes in radio promotion to the world's Country Music markets since 1978. Open to all types of C&W from traditional to modern Country including Country Gospel. Also offers Nashville studio production/ manufacturing and publishing.

Connoisseur Collection  [Rate it]

Specializing in mid-price CD reissue compilations.

Continental Records Co.  [Rate it]

Home of the Stardust, Juke Box Hits, and Mavis labels. With track listings and ordering information.

Cooking Vinyl  [Rate it]

Record label of The Wedding Present, Billy Bragg, Andy White, Ani DiFranco and more.

Corazong  [Rate it]

The home for roots, world music, singer songwriter, punk, alternative and blues music.

cosmic flux musiq  [Rate it]

Cosmic Flux Musiq, Dancefloor Jazz, atmospheric drum n' bass the premier label.

Cosmotone Records  [Rate it]

Inspirational, Healing Record Label.

Creeping Bent Records Homepage  [Rate it]

Home of Adventures in Stereo, The Secret Goldfish, Nectarine No.9, The Leopards, Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus. Subversive sounds from Scotland.

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