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Atlantic-Records  [Rate it]

The official homepage of Atlantic Records.

aardvarkrecords  [Rate it]

Aardvark records UK. Our brief is to sign only world class bands; listen to our first signings Black Rose - Zetan Spore - Bizzaro.

Agitate the system  (Rating: 1 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Indie record label from New york.

Aaron Records  [Rate it]

A country music label from Tennessee, featuring Roxanne Breon, Clinton Gregory, Narvel Felts, Vicki Bird, Rocky Gillispie and others. Soliciting new work.

Abet Music  [Rate it]

Independent record company, home for 5th Element. Hear samples of their new release ",, 3067,"Alpha Relish

Abstrakt Reality Records  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

The latest in the electronic underground movement with styles ranging from trip hop, drum & bass, jungle, experimental hip hop digital jazz, downbeat, intelligent electronic ambient groove.

Accurate Records  [Rate it]

Long standing jazz indie out of Cambridge, MA. Medeski, Martin and Wood; Jazz Mandolin Project; many others.

Ace of Hearts Records  [Rate it]

Boston indie since 1978. Mission of Burma, The Lyres, The Del Fuegos, The Neats, The Inflicktors, more.

Acoustic and Unplugged Music  [Rate it]

Folk, Acoustic and Unplugged Music. An independent British label.

Acoustic Records  [Rate it]

A Norwegian independent record label, focused on jazz. The web contains artist info, reviews, mp3 samples, links and more.

Action Records  [Rate it]

French indie label. Punk, rock, glam, and garage.

Air Music  [Rate it]

The Best in Indie and small label releases are on Air Music. We offer a great selection, as well as great prices. We also invite all bands to submit their CDs to us.

Alias Records Online  [Rate it]

Indie rock bands, including Archers of Loaf, Caustic Resin, Knapsack, Distortion Felix, Loud Family and others...

All The Transients  [Rate it]

Record label, promotion, and recording studio dedicated to avant garde, experimental, new and deviant music.

Alphabetty  [Rate it]

Scottish indie label: The Kenadas, Strumpet, Headboard and The Carnations. Has its own online-zine as well.

American Pop Project  [Rate it]

Small indiepop label from CA, US.

Analgesic Studios  [Rate it]

Independent recording studio and record label. Home of Bone Simple, Slow Children and other alternative bands.

Angry Fish Music  [Rate it]

Small Berlin (Germany) independent label. Bands include Rifle Sport, Defoliants, God's Acre, Once Upon A Time, and Weather Theatre.

Anisette Records  [Rate it]

Small Los Angeles indie.

ankstmusik  [Rate it]

Welsh record label. Info on super furry animals gptky's zygotic mynci tystion ectogram catatonia.

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