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Berg, Fred Jonny  [Rate it]

Norwegian composer, writes music for different ensembles, from a piano solo to symphony orchestra.

Daugherty, Paul  [Rate it]

Freelance musician looking to lend his talents to projects ranging from filmscoring to musical consultation.

Forman, Lynn  (Rating: 3 - Votes: 2)  [Rate it]

15 years experience in the music industry.

Henderson, Ron  [Rate it]

Acoustic drums and electronic percussion.

Henderson, Sean  [Rate it]

Seeking gigs, shows, performances, and entertainment related employment.

Joseph, Ted  [Rate it]

Seeking a position in management, administration and supervision where my experience, training, acquired skills and innate abilities can be effectively utilized.

Pancer, Eric D.  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Timpanist and percussionist.

Riley, Erin  [Rate it]

Consultant with 20 years experience in radio and xtensive experience in event productions.

Robison, Clayne  [Rate it]

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, willing to relocate to PRC, Taiwan, or Singapore. Aiming to become MCSE. Masters degree.

Sorensen, Andrew  [Rate it]

Describes research in computer generated composition, Java applets, and JPoser, a software tool for musical style analysis.

John Tafoya, Principal Timpanist, National Symphony Orchestra  [Rate it]

Official web page for John Tafoya, principal timpanist with the National ``Symphony Orchestra.

Edwin Wendler, Composer  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 2)  [Rate it]

Composer of Film and Concert Music

Wendler, Edwin  (Rating: 10 - Votes: 1)  [Rate it]

Film composer's background with sound samples.

Bodyguard Tour security Personel protection agents Drivers  [Rate it]

Bodyguard tour security agent and personal protection for artists and music groups 20 yrs in biz seeking tour spenser4hire seal team

Tim Cross Music  [Rate it]

Music composition, production and arrangement for multimedia

Janet Wolfe- Planetary Productions  [Rate it]

promotions, composing, music critc

Official Web Site of film composer Ciaran hope  (Rating: 9.67 - Votes: 3)  [Rate it]

Site containing music, bio, pictures, film history of the composer

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